Jennifer Lawrence House At The End Of The Street

Over the course of her brief career, Jennifer Lawrence has fended off meth addicts, morphed into a sexy blue-skinned seductress and weilded a bow and arrow with aplomb. Now with the release of her first foray into horror, "House at the End of the Street" (opening wide September 21), the Oscar-nominee can add singing to her string of on-screen accomplishments.

That was no typo. On top of running for survival in the derivative looking thriller, it turns out that Lawrence also gets to show off her singing chops. Why, we're not sure. But as evidenced in a sly bit of marketing for the Relativity release, Lawrence warbles in the film for a brief bit and plays the guitar. And as luck would have it, the actress has a lovely and demure singing voice. She's not going to give Barabara Streisand a run for her money anytime soon, but Anne Hathaway better watch her back.