Before she was a two-time Academy Award nominee, Jessica Chastain was cast by industry legend Al Pacino in his feature "Salomé," and years later it is finally going to grace the big screen in select theaters, thanks to the British Film Institute. 

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At the 2011 Venice Film Festival, Al Pacino screened the documentary "Wild Salomé," a making-of companion for his never-released "Salomé." Now, the two are being released together as a double bill, with the documentary playing first, followed by the newly released "Salomé" immediately afterwards. It's a unique event, giving audiences the chance to see both the process and the output, the inspiration and the realization. 

The double feature is scheduled to begin with a screening on September 21, which includes a live Q&A with Pacino and Chastain in London. Check out the trailer below: