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by Eric Eidelstein
July 7, 2014 12:29 PM
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Watch: Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz Battle It Out In New Trailer for 'Clouds of Sils Maria'

A new trailer for Olivier Assayas' "Clouds of Sils Maria," the drama that first premiered at Cannes earlier this summer, has been released. The film stars Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Moretz as three women who struggle with the fleeting quality of the entertainment industry. 

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The drama follows the relationship between Juliette Binoche's character Maria Enders, a fading actress, her assistant, played by Kristen Stewart, and an up-and-coming actress (Moretz) who is playing the role that originally got Enders started.

The trailer gives us a glimpse at the tense drama, which explores the dirty ins and outs of the industry. IFC will distribute, but a U.S. release date has yet to be announced. 


  • damn annoyed | July 11, 2014 6:17 AMReply

    I feel sorry for Rob you say “two years” other commentators, long time, let go , it’s almost two years but in that time she has found a film that explains/ excuses /sympathizes ? in turn asking the audience to symaphize and forgive her behaviour ? people would be more likely to forgive and let go if she atleast seemed to mean her apologies, “I don’t care what people think” “ I stand by my mistakes” , with all of her real life behavior I have many opinions of Kristen but being thick cant be one of them , shes shrewd ,shes a player and she plays a good game, good for her, but unfortunate for everyone she gets involved with just want to get on with their career and enjoy life, she has moved on with her career having support from critics and from most sites/media but Rob has to still wade through the #### she left him in
    He had said he wanted to work with assasys they talked and agreed on a film, but he didn’t have the time then but will be filming with him, since then Kristen has made a film with him with a film that covers a lot of context, I doubt Rob would want to be discussing but I have a horrible feeling he will be asked his opinion or sites will be assuming his opinion, or MTTS which gives a different perspective, the two films have been compared in a few of her reviews, I’m not confident the sites / media will be quite so professional and kind to him during promotion they havent been so far,
    She’s moving on from her “momentary indiscretion” but it will be causing problems for other people for a long time

  • damn annoyed | July 11, 2014 6:15 AMReply

    @Amy I read Kristen posts because she confuses the heck out of me due to her being confusing, and I'm trying understand her, which she isn't making easy, also they were both in the same franchise but theyre treated very differently which is unfair, so I read articles on both, to see how the articles are written, and quite often commentators on her post are very aggressive, often on things that are wrong,
    recently someone was angry, she claimed he had said young actors should get in to therapy ,or kill themselves, he was being interviewed for MTTS referring to the film about mental health problems, drug addiction and therapy, he also said he had seen kids like this its scary, you want to tell them to get into therapy "before " they kill themselves (as in so they don't / to prevent)

  • damn annoyed | July 11, 2014 6:13 AMReply

    @Amy "two year hiatus" referring to what ?
    She filmed SWATH in 2011, we were shown pictures of them in a car together not acting how you would with a friend and pictures in a garden? In 2012 after the film went to cinema after promotion so it wasn’t a “caught up in the moment “ indiscretion as she explains it, they chose to meet each other when there was no reason to, how is a meeting arranged a momentry indiscretion, when they were in the back of the car together then deceided to get out of the car and spend more time with him, in the car she leaning over him, hes not pushing himself onto her, this "moment" didnt make her realise it was wrong, it was the moment they were caught, everyone messes up with something, but it dosent help when everyone tries to defend what cantbe defended
    Pictures were in 2012, filmed COSM in 2013 less than ayear later,either had signed or then signed for the film, and I don’t think I would be the only person confused on why she would choose to do this, if she had signed for afilm with this content you would think she would be more aware of not getting involved with her boss or had she then signed that she would have the sense to realise people would be confused on why she chose this film
    Comment about the director might be false, but I wrote it because I had read it
    maybe we have different ideas of what flirting / teasing/ seducing are, if someone called me out on likeing them, being attracted to them in a smiley playful way, then lay on the bed with the door open, laying there in their thong as on the trailer I think it would be reasonable to think they were interested, if they then said they weren't I think it would be reasonable to think they were leading you on, playing games, trailor not clear rehersing, still reflects whats just happened
    "two years" she had an affair/questionable relationship with he director, COSM was filmed , complete in festivals, ready for cinema , coming up to two years now

  • confused | July 9, 2014 7:31 AMReply

    I couldnt hear any of the dialogue only music played over the scenes?
    I was concerned and confused about kristens interviews that suggested her affair with her boss / director in real life was used for the film,"live life and show what youve learnt"? when she was doing this film almost immediatly after. about getting involved with her boss (married in the film?) the director said she seems to perform better when she is playing a version of herself, all actors can deliver a better performance the more they can connect with it either from personal experience or seen others experiences, comment seemed more direct, in the clip I could hear she was teasing sudducing her boss when she realised she likedher,

  • damn annoyed | July 11, 2014 6:06 AM

    @Amy One review ”Running lines from the play, Marie and Val may as well be describing their own sexually charged codependency, so perversely does the dialogue fit the pair’s own increasingly unhealthy dynamic….”
    This is a review of someone who watched the film so I think I can be excused for my reasonable opinion from the trailer which doesn’t explain they are rehearsing and assumed from this and how its explained that they were involved in the film
    Jo Anne young actress review “is disarmingly cordial and professional, suggesting the teenage hijinx are at least partially an act, a rite-of-passage that helps create a useful star mythology. All the same, she is involved in an affair with an older British boyfriend (Johnny Flynn) whose wife’s reaction to it creates severe consequences.”
    This is not Kristen’s character but a bit close to home, film she puts finger up at papz, as she has been pictured putting the finger up to papz, telling them she hopes they freeze to death, photographed by papz like being raped, but she accused Rob of playing victim when he wasn’t coping ? “English boyfriend” wife’s reaction ..Consequences, sounds familiar ?
    After your description of her character I went to RT, no overall explanation of the film as there usually is, I read the 9 reviews, I’m sure there is far more but I’m not searching the web to find them, the reviews gave enough, they imply that they may not have sex, but as I inc above “sexual tention” and “they frolic like lovers in the lake” as you claim you don’t believe Kristen and the director have, had sex but it is possible,but both situations are suggestive, flirtatious, inappropriate to the situation, in the media pictures they did kiss
    Only in the film they are with each other all the time, Kristen chose to meet with a married man she didn’t need to have any contact with, but explains herself as “moment indiscretion”
    On reading the reviews and context I’m more confused on why she chose it, or chose to put herself in an inappropriate situation with the director, had she already chose the film,but it does seem to cover through all the characters everything that is true of Kristen’s life,things she has been critisised for, does the film explain, excuse ,give a sympathetic view of all her behavior, chosen to receive sympathy?
    Her relationship in the film sexually charged, inappropriate, blurred crossed lines, if your right that she didn’t have sex with the director, this story still reflects what you believe happened, also her general behaviour
    So excuse me for being confused , reasonable

  • damn annoyed | July 11, 2014 5:59 AM

    @ Amy moron” ? wow, nice, there’s no need to be insulting, calling names, aggressive, everyone says the wrong thing sometimes, but it’s her harshness, and aggressiveness that I find difficult, I guess that’s something you like in her?
    “moron” because I’m confused about a trailer I can’t hear the dialogue on?
    “moron” for being confused, I am because the trailer I could hear shows her character seducing , teasing her boss, if you have seen the film then explain it sensibly, I haven’t , I can only judge what I’ve seen and according to you the trailer is misleading , so I think it’s reasonable that I’m confused and not a moron
    “moron” for being confused about what she’s trying to say when she explains herself in a confusing way and usually contradicts herself, some of the articles I’m referring to are the ones posted on indiewire blog Kristen stewart
    “moron” for assuming “live life and show us what you’ve learnt” is referring to her personal experiences considering at the top of the article she’s saying she’s cross people are saying is this film going to show she’s grown ,” I’m not trying to show anyone anything,” lower in the article “I have changed” well maybe you’re a phycologist and this makes perfect sense to you but I think it would confuse most people and annoy, “..think I don’t care.. unappreciative… I care so much” she was reffering to doing well in her career, I think people were hoping she would show she was starting to grow up, and cared how her choices, comments effected other people
    “moron” for assuming “live life and show what you’ve learnt” is relating to personal experiences and not acting experience “live life” no mention of work
    “moron” for thinking it’s a little inappropriate, insensitive to make this comment , without explaining herself clearly, for a film that is discussing content about a girl seducing her boss, getting involved with her boss,having an inappropriate relationship with
    When she had just in her real life had an affair/possibly sexually involved it ws used in the divorce/ involvement/ got closer than just friends/had a relationship which was not appropriate in the circumstances, caught in public, with her boss/ director, which dragged everyone involved through the media , her ex ? having worse articles than her, she named in her apology, hasn't named before,well she didn’t say he was her boyfriend, oh yeah she made a statement "I have a English boyfriend" didnt name him just allowed everyone to assume it was Rob when was that ? oh yeah in 2011, she was filming SWATH in 2011 with her English director she was then caught out with, excuse me for being confused on not being clear who she might be referring to , but in her words referring to relationships "I like to keep them guessing" assuming she likes to confuse people , maybe she also then accuses them of being morons ?
    A film which she would have already signed up for or signed up for just after we were made aware of their “relationship” ? I’m confused about this because I can’t find any information if you are so informed then maybe you would like to explain instead of insulting people

  • Amy | July 9, 2014 8:20 AM

    Also, the "Valentine" character is not "seducing" her boss. She's helping her rehearse scenes for a play about a younger woman and an older woman in a lesbian relationship. Their relationship probably becomes co-dependent in a way that's not healthy, but there is not even a suggestion in any critique of the film that "Valentine" is a seductress. What they've said is that she's a sympathetic character because she get's so wrapped up in assisting Maria Enders in her life that she doesn't assert herself. Her every action revolves around meeting her needs without considering her own. Stop projecting your consumption of tabloid BS onto the characters of these movies. Sadly, that's partly what this movie is about.

  • Amy | July 9, 2014 8:09 AM

    She never said that directly or suggested that. She said to get out in life and live and show the world what you've learned. She did this film after a TWO YEAR HIATUS and she filmed Camp X-Ray about a young Gitmo guard before she filmed Sils Maria and after tabloid pictures were released and everybody ASSUMED she had a sexual affair. I can understand why you're confused. You're a moron.

    The director did not say that she performs better when she's playing a version of herself. Not once, in any interview, did he ever say that. However, some critics have said that it SEEMS that Juliette and Kristen are both playing a version of themselves.

  • kathy | July 8, 2014 5:20 AMReply

    Yes I enjoyed the clip can't wait for the U.S release of this film

  • lena | July 8, 2014 1:19 AMReply

    He was released poster for France Clouds of Sils Maria. They're fantastic reviews for this film.

  • leo | July 8, 2014 12:41 AMReply

    The sheer favorite is this film for me.

  • Liz | July 7, 2014 10:34 PMReply


  • Taylor | July 7, 2014 9:44 PMReply

    Juliette looks good, Chloe looks killer, and Kristen seems to be playing herself. She sounds exactly the way she sounds in her own interviews. It doesn't look like a lot of acting was required, which is probably why she got good reviews. The film is so European, I think it might be a hard sell for American audiences.

  • Amy | July 9, 2014 4:58 AM

    Chloe and Juliette also sound like they do in their own interviews in this clip. I've heard and seen Juliette Binoche in English-speaking interviews and she sounds exactly as she sounds here. In fact, critics said that she is playing a version of herself. You're telling me that a celebrity, like Kristen Stewart, who just made headlines for getting a frigging haircut, doesn't have to act when convincingly playing the low-key assistant to an international movie star? Kristen got excellent reviews for this performance. Deal with it. She got excellent reviews from people who didn't even like the movie itself. All three actresses did a great job and they were all acting.

  • Resigned Sidekick | July 8, 2014 12:58 AM

    So does that mean that George Clooney isn't really acting? Because his voice sounds the same in interviews? Kristen received positive reviews just deal with it and stop trying to diminish it or make excuses for it.

  • Moe | July 7, 2014 4:37 PMReply

    I love this trailer! I can wait for this movie!

  • Elle | July 7, 2014 2:57 PMReply

    Cannot wait for this! The reviews and reactions out of Cannes and the various other screenings and festivals in Europe have been amazing.