As a part of the annual national celebrations of cannabis appreciation on April 20, Rebecca Richman Cohen's "Code of the West" will screen across the country, with Q&A's with local policy experts in special Colorado and Washington, DC screenings, and is now available on iTunes. 

The film, which follows the case of a legislative push to end the state's medical marijuana program in Montana, also chronicled the arrest of one of the film's major subjects, marijuana grower Tom Daubert (who was arrested with three of his colleagues in a Department of Justice-sponsored raid of the state's legal marijuana growing industry).

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Cohen is also hosting a Google Hangout on April 16 with The Nation writer Liliana Segura, ACLU of Washington's Alison Holcomb, and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition's Neill Franklin.

Code of the West - Trailer from Racing Horse Productions on Vimeo.