In the internet age, it's hard not to Google search or Facebook stalk potential love interests in the hopes of finding some good info that you can use to your wooing advantage. In the new trailer for "A Case of You," Sam (Justin Long) scours the internet profiles of barista Birdie (Evan Rachel Wood) to learn her likes and hobbies so that he can transform himself into the perfect match. When Birdie falls for him, Sam has to keep up the act, or risk her finding out who he really is, which for some reason is a bad thing.

Though the film seems to follow the usual romantic comedy trope of "I'm not who I said I was", albeit with a bit of a creepy stalker vibe, at least Long and Wood look like they've got some chemistry. And hey, is that Peter Dinklage in a comedic supporting role?

The film is the first writing project for Long, his brother Christian Long and co-star Keir O'Donnell and was directed by Kat Coiro ("And While We Were Here"). It premiered at Tribeca earlier this year and opens Nov. 6. Check out the trailer below: