Black Rock

Mark Duplass has proven himself an indie force to be reckoned with as one half of the Duplass brothers filmmaking team, so many will no doubt be curious to see how he fares making a foray into the thriller genre with "Black Rock," his latest writing effort helmed by and starring his wife Katie Aselton ("The Freebie") Get a peek at the results by checking out the just-released trailer below.

In "Black Rock," Aselton stars as one of three friends (Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell play the other two) who venture off to a remote island in Maine to reconnect and be one with nature. Upon arriving at their destination, the trio soon learn that they're not alone... and not welcome.

"Aselton's unassuming guilty pleasure gently diverges from a familiar scenario with impressively tense results," wrote Eric Kohn in his review out of Park City. The film is set to hit select theaters May 17th, 2013.