In 1991's "Silence of the Lambs," Anthony Hopkins gave one of the most memorable performances of his career as the terrifying monster that was Hannibal Lecter. In fact, the performance was so iconic that it continues to haunt us today.

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To celebrate the film's 25th anniversary, W Magazine gathered a few of our favorite actresses to read the seminal monologue that would influence villains for years and years to come. Yes, that’s right, we said actresses.

Kristen Wiig, Jane Fonda, Mya Taylor, Carey Mulligan and Greta Gerwig all give their own refreshing take on the notoriously despicable Hannibal Lecter. Naturally, each performance is unique to the actors, with Kristen Wiig giving the lines a comedic spin, while Carey Mulligan opts for a darker portrayal.

Hannibal Lecter wishes he could be nearly as charming as any of these ladies. Watch the video above.

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