In a recent Funny or Die sketch, we get a glimpse at the real masterminds behind Hollywood culture: Black women. Alfre Woodard, Retta, Jurnee Smollett, Tracee Ellis Ross and a few others star in this illuminating video that expounds upon a huge injustice. 

Following the premiere of her latest film, "My Sista's Wedding," Smollett is kidnapped by a coven of "Lord of the Rings"-esque women, led by the legendary Alfre Woodard. Woodard explains that the roles black women should take in films are ones that appear racist or sexist, as part of a larger ploy to manipulate Hollywood. Beyonce, she insists, has betrayed these values. 

Woodard eventually convinces Smollett to take on a role in a George Clooney film. Not as a co-lead, though. It's a funny clip, but also one that satirizes an ongoing problem in Hollywood. 

Check the clip out below.