Lena Dunham in a "Girls" Season 4 teaser.
HBO Lena Dunham in a "Girls" Season 4 teaser.

This morning, HBO released a 30 second teaser of the upcoming season of "Girls," which is now in production under the sure, confident directorial vision of creator/star Lena Dunham. The teaser features Dunham as Hannah as she bikes through what appears to be the show's recreation of the University of Iowa campus, while struggling with her performance. 

Welcome to covering "Girls," where the line between fiction and reality constantly blurs, where all the jokes you want to make about the show have already been made by the show itself, and even if you did come up with a joke to make at Dunham's expense, you know she wouldn't care. Which, no matter how you feel about "Girls" and/or Dunham, is something to admire.

"Girls" returns to HBO for its fourth season in 2015.