As bittersweet as it is that River Phoenix's final, uncompleted film is coming to us now, we can't help but be pleased that "Dark Blood" appears to be a riveting drama that showcases the troubled actor at his best. 

In this trailer we see the Oscar nominated actor ("Running on Empty") play Boy, a widower who lives on a desert that also serves as a nuclear test site. When a honeymooning couple, played by Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis, come to town, trouble ensues. 

Phoenix died in 1993, leaving the film incomplete. Following his death, director George Sluizer struggled to find a way to get his project out out to the public. Now, he's completed the unfinished work, adding narration over the parts that Phoenix was unable to finish. Luckily, "Dark Blood" looks great and seems to be a proper sendoff for the beloved actor. 

Lionsgate will release "Dark Blood" on VOD.