"The Ambassador"
Drafthouse Films "The Ambassador"

You can always count on Danish journalist/filmmaker Mads Brügger to stir the pot. In the award-winning documentary that put him on the map, "The Red Chapel," Brügger headed to North Korea with two Danish-Korean comedians under the guise of a cultural exchange to show what life is really like for the country's citizens. With his follow-up "The Ambassador," which played at the Sundance Film Festival in January, he makes his way to the Central African Republic posing as a Liberian consul to show what happens when a very white European man buys his way into being a diplomat in one of Central Africa's most failed nations.

Below, watch the just-released trailer and check out the official poster for the Drafthouse Films release. "The Ambassador" opens in New York on August 29 and expands to select cities on August 31. (Go HERE for our interview with the filmmmaker.)

the ambassador poster