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by Paula Bernstein
August 26, 2013 4:07 PM
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Watch: Mercedes Kills Young Hitler In Viral YouTube Video

In a mock ad for Mercedes-Benz, German film students Tobia Haase, Jan Mettler, and Lydia Lohse kill off a young Adolf Hitler with a C-Class Mercedes.

The 80-second video, which was uploaded on YouTube, has been viewed nearly a million times. The video, which was a film student thesis at the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg, Germany, contains the disclaimer, “This spot is a film school’s submission. There exists no current or past affiliation to Mercedes-Benz or to Daimler AG.”

The short features a driverless Mercedes Benz C-Class cruising through an Austrian village and, thanks to the car's collision prevention assist feature, stopping before hitting children playing in the road. But once the children move to the side of the road, the car continues driving and hits a boy...who turns out to be a young Adolf Hitler. "Oh, Adolf!" cries his distressed mother.

The chilling film ends with the words, "Detect dangers before they come up."

"Mercedes sells its cars on smart technology which prevents accidents – we wanted to pose the question of what might happen if technology had a soul,” Haase told UK's The Independent. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz has, not surprisingly, called the video "inappropriate."

Watch the video below and decide for yourself: did the fake commercial go too far? We're looking forward to seeing what the filmmakers come up with next.


  • Dave Barak | August 27, 2013 8:09 PMReply

    Young Adolph's body position in the last shot was interesting...

  • Eli the Confused | August 27, 2013 2:40 AMReply

    That is some serious dark humor, that being said if it's not supposed to be funny I don't get it... I like the idea of it being a dark joke it's sharp, it's kinda funny and killing Hitler is always in season; However if this is some attempt to be a commentary, art piece or anything serious I'm very uncomfortable with the presentation of any child being killed, especially in a fake car commercial.

    Again I have to stress that I feel that it's just a very dark joke that's pretty spot on and funny.

  • Dave Barak | August 27, 2013 8:11 PM

    This probably isn't going to sway your opinion much, and there's no reason it should, but the commercial was a case of German on German (well, Austrian). If there's one bright spot, it's that the filmmakers realize that "one of their own" (I use that term with great hesitation, in deference to today's generation) was evil.

  • WhatHappenedToCommonSense | August 27, 2013 12:10 AMReply

    Wow, I didn't realize that literally murdering children was so in vogue right now!

    I wonder if the Japanese plan to make one about strangling Harry Truman in his crib before he can grow up to unleash nuclear holocaust on hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese women and children?

  • READTHEBROCHURE | August 27, 2013 2:37 PM

    You do realize that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were two of 30 or so cities that had pamphlets dropped on them. The pamphlets stating that the military-industrial complexes inside of them were going to be targeted at a random moment in a stated time-frame and that they should evacuate? The U.S. did try to both limit civilian casualties and cause disruption beyond targeted area without leaving U.S. troops open to ambush.

    As for the commercial I loved it. The line about reacting to oncoming danger was a dark blend of advertising features and justification for hitting a young Adolf. His paintings were just...

  • Nancy Nigrosh | August 26, 2013 11:21 PMReply

    finally!! a clean, clear shot!