"Magic Magic."
Sundance "Magic Magic."
At Sundance this year, Chilean director Sebastian Silva premiered two distinctly different films. One, "Crystal Fairy," is a drug-fueled comedy starring Michael Cera. Silva's other film, "Magic Magic," is a psychological thriller and a considerably more ominous effort, as you can tell from the just-released trailer.

The film stars Juno Temple as Alicia, an American visiting her cousin Sarah in the Chilean countryside. When Sarah suddenly has to depart, Alicia is left with her cousin's friends, consequently spiraling into insomnia and paranoia.

"Magic Magic" also features Cera, playing against-type as an immensely creepy American ex-pat. Emily Browning, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Agustin Silva also star.

"Magic Magic" is going straight to DVD on August 6th.