Frank, Fassbender

One of the most talked about films at Sundance 2014, Lenny Abrahamson's bizarre dark comedy "Frank" has released its first trailer, and it's appropriately irreverent and delightful.

The story of a frustrated songwriter (Domhnall Gleeson) brought into a noise rock group with a singer, Frank (Michael Fassbender), who wears a giant paper mache mask on his head at all times. Beneath the characters' oddball behavior, however, lies genuine pain.

The trailer shows a few of the film's highlights: Frank's attempts to minimize the awkwardness by describing his facial expressions, and Maggie Gyllenhaal as Frank's aggressive, theremin-playing sidekick, who's clearly losing patience with the whole giant mask thing ("Stop saying your facial expressions out loud, it's extremely annoying").

Magnolia Pictures hasn't announced a U.S. release date for the film yet, but it will play at SXSW Film Festival, so cross your fingers for an announcement soon. Until then, here's a taste.