Well, we knew Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass weren't going to take it from Joss Whedon without some push back. And now we have it.

It's... quite powerful.

To combat Whedon's suggestion that audiences forgo movies people actually care about, such as "Sleepwalk With Me," and "nurture corporate spectacle" such as "The Avengers" instead, Birbiglia and Glass have come up with a plan that merely requires a great number of people to see their movie a great number of times. It's kind of brilliant in its simplicity and something that Whedon couldn't possibly have seen coming. They even use a quote from Whedon's own "Avengers" screenplay to stick it to him.

So it's time to decide which side you're on and how far you're willing to go for indie film. It's also time to check their math.

And here's Whedon's initial volley: