It doesn't take much to be affected by Steve Carell's portrayal of the warped wrestling coach John du Pont in Bennett Miller's "Foxcatcher." We've only seen short glimpses via teasers and clips so far, and yet his role is already unforgettable. 

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"Foxcatcher" debuted to rave reviews at Cannes earlier this year and seems poised to be one of 2014's top Oscar contenders. Check out the teaser below for a hard (albeit brief) look into the psyche of a damaged man, and then take a look at the new poster featuring Carell (as well as a quote from Indiewire's blog "The Playlist"!). 

Bennett Miller's follow up to "Moneyball" is scheduled for a November 14 release (primetime for awards season).  

"Foxcatcher" Poster #2 Steve Carell
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