Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue in "Gotham" on FOX
Jessica Miglio/FOX Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue in "Gotham"

Ben McKenzie is back, but how you take that depends on why (or if) you're looking forward to FOX's saga of young Detective Gordon, "Gotham." He's either back on primetime TV after the disappointing cancellation of TNT's "Southland," or he's back on the broadcast network that raised him on "The O.C." Either way, you can see him here in character, returning to Gotham after leaving "his city" to the villains populating this new teaser trailer.

In the trailer below, McKenzie's Detective Gordon walks to the scene of a crime only to find a note scrawled on a newspaper clipping announcing his return. "Welcome home" it reads, as the villains he's out to snare look on in demented glee. 

The style looks right on point, with darkness populating the edges and shadows dancing across the frames. Yet the voiceover makes you wonder if contractions are outlawed in Gotham after hearing the stilted closing line: "Someone needs to take a stand against it all...and that is where we come in." Gordon does use "I'm" and "I've," so maybe his character is a big of a lawbreaker?

Watch out for yourselves as you get ready for "Gotham," premiering Monday, September 22 on FOX.