Executive produced in part by Jay-Z and "The Daily Show"'s Wyatt Cenac, visual artist Terence Nance's first leap into feature filmmaking has played at a few film festivals, including Sundance, since last year, and won the back-handedly titled prize of "Best Film Not Playing in a Theater Near You" last year at the Gotham Awards after screening at Lincoln Center and the MoMA. The film will finally be release by Variance Films on April 26th in New York, and the first release trailer has appeared online accordingly.

A freewheeling, inventive and poetic diary of sorts, Nance chronicles a chance romantic encounter and turns it into a multimedia depiction of love in the 21st century, blending animation, interviews, and samples from his earlier short film into the narrative. The experiment clearly works, as shown in the stylish and pretty trailer, and hoards of favorable reviews it's racked up since appearing at Sundance (It's currently sporting a B average from 13 critics on Criticwire).