'Jamesy Boy'

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'Jamesy Boy'

  • 'Jamesy Boy'

In Trevor White's debut feature film "Jamesy Boy," newly imprisoned James Burns finds a mentor in Conrad, a convicted murderer who tries to help the boy get his life together. The film also marks Spencer Lofranco's, who plays James and has recently joined the cast of Angelina Jolie's "Unbroken," first leading role. Last year, he had a small role in "At Middleton," a film starring Vera Farmiga and rising star Taissa Farmiga, who appears with Lofranco in the clip below.

In the clips we see the beginnings of a romance between Lofranco, sporting a punkish hairdo and bruised eye, and Farmiga, whose father owns the convenience store in the scene. The two share some awkward glances, loaded laughs and a magic trick -- all very palpable for their blossoming romance.

"Jamesy Boy" will be available in theaters Jan. 17 and has already been released on VOD by Phase 4 Films and XLrator Media on Jan 5. Mary Louise-Parker, Ving Rhames and James Wood also star.