If you've missed Nicolas Cage in his glory days, before he abandoned his intuitive character-driven films for more hollow, outlandish blockbusters, then you're in for a treat. As David Gordon Green's "Joe" brings Cage back to solid indie form while still retaining his gruff bad boy appeal, the director offers up some insight about one particular scene that will remind the world what made Nicolas Cage such a compelling star in the first place.

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In the clip below, the Oscar-winning actor is seen handling a real-life snake -- packed with real-life venom. Cage doesn't so much as flinch as he handles the reptile, and as Green informs us in his commentary, Cage suggested going with the real thing instead of a prop. Between Cage's guts and Gordon's directing style (which included featuring actual laborers rather than actors), the authenticity of the scene is preserved in ways only indie dramas dare to do.

"Joe" is now open in select theaters. Check out the clip, courtesy of The New York Times, below: