In the spirit of Halloween, the stars of Adult Swim's "Loiter Squad" -- Tyler the Creator, Taco, Jasper, Lionel Boyce, and Earl Sweatshirt, otherwise known as the rap collective, Odd Future -- have debuted a short film entitled "The Ghost of the Hotel (The Movie)." The film recounts the alleged death of a little girl by a staircase in, as you'd expect, a hotel. Sweatshirt and Boyce play the detectives on the scene of the crime as they interrogate Tyler and Jasper. The eccentric Los-Angeles based MC's incorporate the same antics they exercise in their show in the film, which they describe thusly: "Tyler, Jasper, Lionel, Taco And Earl Thought Of This At 4 In The Morning Knowing It Would Be One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time." See if you agree: