Word on Nate Meyer's romantic drama "See Girl Run" has been relatively quiet since it was acquired by Phase 4 Films last May after a successful SXSW debut, but with a limited theatrical and VOD release now set for late April, Phase 4 has released a new trailer for the film.

Robin Tunney ("The Mentalist") stars in the film as a settled down 30-something, who after realizing that her life has not gone quite how she planned begins to pursue an old high school flame still living at home, played by "Parks and Recreation" favorite Adam Scott. She decides to travel back to her hometown to see if there is something still there between them, along the way leaving her husband questioning what's really going on.

"See Girl Run," is the second film from Meyer, who debuted with the 2007 drama "Pretty in the Face." David Gordon Green and Lisa Muskat ("The Sitter") share an executive producing role on the film which also stars Jeremy Strong ("Zero Dark Thirty") and Larry Pine ("House of Cards").

Phase 4 will release the film in a limited theatrical run and a VOD release on April 26. Check out the full trailer below: