New Left Media Romney Rally

The young Ohio-based political filmmakers Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll, who upload videos to YouTube as New Left Media, are back to their roots via 'man on the street' interviews with Americans that show how strongly held convictions can be, even if they are incredibly ignorant. 

Their most recent video shows Whiteside interviewing Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan supporters at a Romney rally in the filmmakers' own high stakes battleground state. Buddhists are infiltrating America! Barack Obama's father is a Muslim, communist and an atheist!  Stay til the end for a ... ahem, spirited(?) ... rendition of "America the Beautiful" sung by Romney supporter Meat Loaf.

In 2009, Whiteside and Stoll made a splash on the Internet with their smart, searing documentations of the burgeoning Tea Party movement that eventually went on to tip the scales to far-right socially conservative libertarian candidates across the nation. (To be fair, they also showed uninformed gatherers at John Stewart and Stephen Colbert's 2009 Rally to Restore Sanity.)

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Recently, the team has been experimenting with different filmmaking styles. Their verité short "Life Like" did the festival rounds last year; they have also produced videos profiling gay couples looking to marry in the four states with ballot initiatives next week. They're also busy taking down conservative approaches to women's health and the environment.