The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman Shia LaBeouf Evan Rachel Wood

Ahead of its release next month, a trailer has been released for commercial director Fredrik Bond's directorial debut "Charlie Countryman." En route to Bucharest, the life of the titular character's (Shia LaBeouf) takes an unexpected turn when the passenger sitting next to him expires mid-flight. Upon landing, Charlie meets the man's daughter Gabi (Evan Rachel Wood), and from them on he becomes swept up in an action-packed course of events involving Gabi's gangster boss ex-husband (Mads Mikkelsen) and a slew of other colorful characters in the Romanian capital.

Its title having been shortened from "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman" since premiering at festivals earlier in the year, which ones might speculate as having potentially been too spoiler-worthy, the film brings to mind the work of Danny Boyle as well as "Run Lola Run" with its whirlwind plot and hyper-kinetic imagery, as Charlie and Gabi seem to be perpetually in motion amidst the elegant architecture and seedy crime underbelly of the film's version of Bucharest, all captured in stylishly frenetic fast cuts. One of the lines of critical acclaim incorporated in the trailer, after all, is "what makes the film so entertaining is that it's kind of insane." 

Millennium Entertainment is set to release "Charlie Countryman" in theaters and on demand on November 15.