The Sapphires
The Weinstein Company The Sapphires

Former "IT Crowd" star and Irish comic Chris O'Dowd seems to have proven his international appeal in the last year, as his energetic comedic stylings have given him steady work as part of the next generation of Judd Apatow players. He's also the comic relief and bright standout in Wayne Blair's upcoming "The Sapphires," based on a popular Australian stage musical of the same name.

The film, which debuted at Cannes, follows four Aboriginal woman who win the job of singing soul music to troops in Vietnam in 1968. O'Dowd, as the rambunctious Irish pianist who becomes the girls' manager, won praise for his performance from critics on the festival circuit. The Weinstein Company acquired the film and appear to be gunning for success in the vein of "Dreamgirls."

You can check out the first trailer below. "The Sapphires" comes to the U.S. on March 22nd.