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by Clint Holloway
November 8, 2013 1:29 PM
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Watch: Takeshi Kitano's Epic Crime Saga Continues in 'Beyond Outrage' Green Band Trailer

Following the release of its uncensored red band trailer last week, Magnet Releasing has put out a more palatable preview for Japanese action maestro Takeshi Kitano's "Beyond Outrage" ahead of its preliminary stateside release at the end of the month.

A sequel to Kitano's 2010 "Outrage," this new installment catches up with the Sanno crime family as it has grown exponentially into a massive organization within the yakuza underworld. But with tensions rising between new affiliates and old-guard members and a full-scale police crackdown on the horizon, the crime clan must resort to increasingly desperate and brutal measures to maintain their supremacy.

"Beyond Outrage" will be released iTunes and On Demand on November 28 before hitting theaters on January 3.

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