When it surpassed its goal on Kickstarter in September 2011, Ryan Koo's campaign for "Manchild" broke records in the film category as the most funded project.  

Koo, who is also behind the site NoFilmSchool.com and has been featured on Indiewire for his NoFilmSchool DSLR Cinematography Guide, got many NBA players behind the project and earned the support of former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson and Los Angeles Lakers VP Jeanie Buss.

"Amateur" and "Manchild" both centers on young basketball standouts, and in the prequel, a college recruiter tries to lure a high school-age young man to his college.  The boy in "Manchild" is only thirteen.  

Koo has set up his website to make it easy for fans of the film to tweet at basketball stars and publications after seeing the film.  Check out what he's doing here.

Take a look at "Amateur," free to view on Vimeo: