For No Good Reason

Although "For No Good Reason" had an limited theatrical release back in April, we have two exclusive clips from the documentary about Johnny Depp's visit with renowned cartoonist Ralph Steadman. 

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Ralph Steadman is an acclaimed artist who is most known for his collaboration with Hunter S. Thompson, the famed journalist and author who invented the Gonzo style of journalism. Depp's involvement in the film stems from his work on Terry Gilliam's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," an adaptation of Thompson's novel. Both clips provide some behind-the scenes insight into the documentary: One, a deleted scene from the film, is a cartoonish, stop motion-like video. The other features a snippet of an interview with Gilliam, who expounds upon Steadman's influence.

"For No Good Reason," which was directed by Charlie Paul, will be available on VOD on September 2. Check them out below.