"The X-Files" 2016 Revival David Duchovny
Ed Araquel/Fox David Duchovny in "The X-Files"
More than a decade after the original series' run, David Duchovny is back as Fox Mulder in trying to find the truth behind occurring paranormal mysteries including his little sister's disappearance in the all-new returning series, "The X-Files." Longtime X-Philes are in for a special treat as the first minute of the opening episode is now available to preview before it's two-night season premiere. 

To watch what Mulder believes about the government's involvement in the X-Files, head on over to www.doyoustillbelieve.com to view the first minute of the 2016 phenomenon. The site also allows you to make your own "X-Files" poster and share it via social media with the slogan, "I Still Want to Believe." 

Catch the two-night season premiere of "The X-Files" Sunday, January 24 and Monday, January 25. 

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