Project of the Day A Will for the Woods

It's not uncommon for someone to want to plan the way they die. "A Will for the Woods," a documentary directed by Amy Browne, Tony Hale, Jeremy Kaplan and Brian Wilson, makes us look at an alternative burial plan, one that happens to be environmentally friendly.

The film follows a Clark Wang, a psychiatrist battling lymphoma. After some research, Wang looks at the relatively new practice of green burial, which bypasses cremation and embalming fluid and all the practices that have no environmental benefits, in favor of a burial that gives back to the Earth. 

In the following two clips, exclusive to Indiewire, we get an introduction to Wang's plan and the practice of green burial. You can also check out the poster for "A Will for the Woods," designed by Jacob Escobedo. 

"A Will for the Woods" will hit select theaters August 15th. 

The poster for documentary film "A Will for the Woods."
Poster Design by Jacob Escobedo The poster for documentary film "A Will for the Woods."