With today's VOD release of "V/H/S/2," the sequel to last year's anthology found-footage horror film, a clip has made its way onto the web that promises the film will be just as gory as its predecessor. The second installment features segments by Jason Eisener ("Hobo With A Shotgun"), Gareth Evans ("The Raid"), Timo Tjahjanto ("Macabre"), Eduardo Sanchez ("The Blair Witch Project"), Gregg Hale ("Say Yes Quickly"), Adam Wingard ("You're Next") and Simon Barrett.

The sequel follows a pair of investigators searching for a missing student in his abandoned house, only to find -- you guessed it -- a collection of horrifying VHS tapes. The clip is from Evans and Tjahjanto's segment, titled "Safe Haven," which deals in Indonesian cults and bloody explosions.

"V/H/S/2" is currently available on VOD. It hits select theaters July 12.