"Beneath" is a new thriller that is being billed as "inspired by true events." "Inspired," in this case, is a much more accurate term than "based on." The true events in reference surround the catastrophic 2013 cave in of a Bracket Coal mine that trapped a team of miners countless stories beneath the Earth's surface. From here, the film takes a fair share of creative liberties, turning it into a haunting claustrophobic thriller as the miners await their uncertain fate. 

Directed by first time feature director Ben Ketai ("30 Days of Night" mini-series) and co-written by horror team Patrick Doody and Chris Valenziano, "Beneath" seeks to dramatize the event that captured the world's attention, and take advantage of a rare opportunity to make a supernatural thriller "inspired by" actual events.

"Beneath" is being distributed by IFC Films and has been slated for an October 8th release, right in the heart of horror season.