Hello I Must Be Going 2

In Todd Louiso's "Hello I Must Be Going", Melanie Lynskey ("Win Win," "Up in the Air") plays a recent divorcee named Amy, who cures and complicates her post-marriage malaise by making sweet backseat-of-a-car love to a 19 year old actor ("Girls" star Christoper Abbott).

This marks a break out leading role for Lynskey, who seems (if the just-released trailer for the dramedy is anything to go by) to perfectly toe the vague line between bold adventurousness and depressed interia that mark an early onset mid-life crisis. The film also stars Blythe Danner ("Meet the Parents") and John Rubinstein ("21 Grams," "Red Dragon") as Amy's concerned parents.

In The Playlist's review of "Hello I Must Be Going" out of Sundance (where the film premiered earlier this year), James Rocchi praised it as, "warm and funny, real and raw."

It opens in New York and LA on September 7th.