John Dies At The End, Paul Giamatti
With a new trailer that promises to give soy sauce an entirely different meaning, "John Dies at the End" is a dark comedy-horror flick written and directed by Don Coscarelli ("Phantasm," "Bubba Ho-Tep") and adapted from David Wong's novel of the same name. A drug -- Soy Sauce, as it's called on the street -- allows users to drift across time and dimensions, but at a price: when you come back from your high, you may no longer be human. What you are, instead, is a very real threat to mankind. 
"We were chosen by the Soy Sauce," says John (Rob Mayes) at the outset of the trailer, and before you know it our two protagonists (the other being Dave, played by Chase Williamson) embark to save all of humanity, despite being ill-equipped. With offbeat comic timing set inside a world of fantastic horrors, the trailer ends on an appropriate note, warning the audience: whatever you do, don't spoil the ending.
Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown, Glynn Turman and Doug Jones also star in "John Dies at the End," available through Magnet On-Demand by Magnet Releasing on December 27, 2012 and in theaters January 25, 2013.