Merrill Jarvis III and Merrill Jarvis
7DVT Merrill Jarvis III and Merrill Jarvis

As theaters across the country -- from big cities to small towns -- are being forced to switch over to digital protection or go out of business, owners of theaters, intimately acquainted with the projectors they've had for years, are getting sentimental about getting rid of their beloved machines.

CBS affiliate WDVT in Burlington, Vermont, has profiled two men, Merrill Jarvis and Merrill Jarvis III, father and son, who owned many of the movie theaters and drive-ins in Burlington and nearby towns over the past several decades.

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Check out a segment from the show "Stuck in Vermont" about the Merrills from their history as local movie businessmen to now, as they get ready to disassemble their 35mm projectors and switch completely over to digital.

For a good read about the family, visit the 7DVT profile of them here.  The "Stuck in Vermont" segment is below: