READ MORE: Netflix Corrals Will Arnett For New Comedy Series 'Flaked'

Will Arnett surprises fans by trading in that notorious segway for a bike, and Balboa Island for Venice beach. But those changes aren't by chances — he's taking a stab at a new dramatic role in Netflix's newest original series, "Flaked."

The upcoming dramedy tells the story of Chip (Arnett), a conceited former alcoholic who's pining for the same woman as his own best friend. Keeping track of what is a fib, the truth and a flat-out lie is precarious for a man who's life was arguably easier with booze. Will Arnett and Mark Chappell ("The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret") penned the new series that will be sure to include a few laughs thanks to executive producer Mitch Hurwitz. 

Watch the trailer for Arnett's rendition of a phoenix from the ashes tale above. "Flaked" Season 1 premieres all its episodes Friday, March 11. 

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"Flaked" Will Arnett Poster
Netflix "Flaked"