"Steve Jobs — One Last Thing," a new PBS documentary about the late Apple CEO, is now streaming in its entirety on pbs.org/video starting today.

Through interviews with Jobs' former colleagues, the documentary provides an inside look at the man and some of the major influences that helped shape his life and career.

PBS has released two clips from the doc. In the first clip, David Sheff, best-selling author and journalist, describes Sean Lennon’s ninth birthday party and Jobs’ gift of a Mac computer equipped with the MacPaint program.

Watch Steve Jobs: One Last Thing - What Steve Jobs told Playboy on PBS. See more from PBS.

In the second clip, Walt Mossberg, principal technology columnist at the Wall Street Journal, dissects the relationship between Bill Gates and Jobs.

Watch Steve Jobs: One Last Thing - Walt Mossberg on the Jobs-Gates Relationship on PBS. See more from PBS.