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by Indiewire Staff
September 14, 2011 7:17 AM
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Watch: Charming Trailer for Cleaning Lady Comedy "The Women on the 6th Floor"

Fabrice Luchini and Natalia Verbeke in "The Women on the 6th Floor."

Here's the iW exclusive trailer for Philippe Le Guay's upcoming social comedy "The Women on the 6th Floor."

On the heels of "The Help," this 1960s-set film explores the relationship between a French stockbroker (Fabrice Luchini) and the Spanish cleaning ladies who live in his building. It appears to be striving for a little social commentary; a seemingly much lighter affair than the racially charged "The Help."

The two-minute trailer features scenes of the Spanish cleaning ladies dancing, singing and cleaning while Luchini's character learns about their lives and less-than-ideal rooming situations (No hot water!).

"The Women on the 6th Floor" premieres in theaters in limited release on October 7 from Strand Releasing.

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