"Moonrise Kingdom"
Focus "Moonrise Kingdom"

Wes Anderson is no stranger to the animation genre (see "Fantastic Mr. Fox"), so when news came out last week that he would be releasing an animated short to accompany his latest box-office success, “Moonrise Kingdom”, his fans got excited.

The spoiler-free short film arrived this morning and it features the film’s narrator Bob Balaban, while bringing life to six of Suzy's favorite books, all with Wes Anderson-esque titles (like "The Francine Odysseys" and "The Girl From Jupiter"). 

So without further ado, enjoy Wes Anderson’s latest whimsical adventure over at EW.

We'll be adding an embed video as soon as one becomes available, in the meantime, we uploaded some stills:

Wes Anderson Animated Photo 1
Wes Anderson Animated Photo 2
Wes Anderson Animated Photo 3