Maya Edelman "collective:unconscious"

What happens when five independent filmmakers join together to adapt each other's dreams for the big screen? If the results are anything like the exclusive poster above, than the final product will be as experimental and avant-garde as it is stunningly visual.

Entitled "collective:unconscious," the new film is a collaborative experiment from directors Josephine Decker ("Thou Wast Mild and Lovely"), Frances Bodomo ("Afronauts"), Daniel Patrick Carbone ("Hide Your Smiling Faces"), Lauren Wolkstein ("Social Butterfly") and Lily Baldwin ("Sleepover LA").

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The official synopsis reads: "A man and his grandmother hide out from an ominous broadcast. The Grim Reaper hosts a TV show. The formerly incarcerated recount and reinterpret their first days of freedom. A suburban mom's life is upturned by the beast growing inside of her...Featuring new works by Lily Baldwin, Frances Bodomo, Daniel Patrick Carbone, Josephine Decker, and Lauren Wolkstein, 'collective:unconscious' will transport you to a place in-between sleep and consciousness. Welcome to our dream state."

The film is hitting the SXSW Film Festival next month, where it will make history as the first-ever omnibus narrative to screen in Competition. Check out the exclusive poster above.