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What to Buy/Rent on Blu-ray This Week: 'Trance,' 'Ginger & Rosa,' 'Kiss of the Damned' and More

By Nigel M. Smith and Clint Holloway | Indiewire July 23, 2013 at 10:59AM

VOD is all the rage right now, and for good reason (check out our July VOD list). But while it's gratifying to know that you can watch pretty much anything with the simple click of a button, there's something comforting about tearing into a DVD/Blu-ray case and popping the disc into your player. That, and not even a VOD film in HD can rival the clarity a Blu-ray disc offers. To keep you up to date with the current goings-on in the home video marketplace, here are the new releases worth your time and money.

Patrick Huard stars in this French-Canadian comedy as David Wozniak, a forty-something slacker whose life gets shaken up when he learns that his past stint as a sperm donor has led to over 500 successful inseminations. With over 100 of his offspring now suing the clinic to reveal his identity, David tries to avoid letting himself known while still trying to make contact with his biological children. "Starbuck" is actually the inspiration for "The Delivery Man," an upcoming remake starring Vince Vaughn and Chris Pine set to be released later this year.


: Interviews with Patrick Huard and Director Ken Scott; deleted Scenes, bloopers and a music video.

"Kiss of the Damned"
A tale of forbidden love, "Kiss of the Damned" marks the writing-directing debut of Xan Cassavetes, daughter to John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands. In the full blooded romance, Milo Ventimiglia plays a human screenwriter who falls for a beautiful vampire named Djuna (Josephine de La Baume). While initially trying to resist her feelings for Paolo, Djuna eventually gives into their passion and leads him into the dark world of vampires. Their love is tested when Djuna's sister Mimi (Roxane Mesquida) comes to visit to stir up trouble.

Extras: Interviews with Cassavetes and her stars, plus a behind-the-scenes featurette.

In Kim Ki-Duk's Golden Lion winner "Pieta," Lee Jung-jin stars as a brutal loan shark gathering from the impoverished residents of a small town who is forced to rethink his violent path after a women claiming to be his mother (Cho Min-soo) enters his life. Indiewire's Eric Kohn called the film a "curiously engaging & wickedly twisted tale of crime and punishment on multiple levels," in his review from the film's Toronto premiere (read his full review here).

Extras: Audio commentary with Ki-Duk and stars Min-Soo and Jung-Jin God; a Vehicle Film Festival behind-the-scenes segments; trailers and a 16-page booklet.

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