Short of the Week

When the people behind the website Short of the Week spoke to filmmakers about posting short films online, they found that most filmmakers didn't know that some of the most prestigious film festivals, Sundance among them, actually consider films that have premiered online before the festival.

Short of the Week did the research to find out if Sundance was the trailblazing outsider or if other fests also didn't give a damn if you wanted to share your films with audiences on YouTube, Vimeo and the like.  They found that two thirds of the top fests for shorts they researched indeed don't care.

One thing they did turn up was that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences requires films to premiere online after qualifying for the short film Oscars by winning at a qualifying festival.

Check out the complete, searchable list at Short of the Week, and read what they've found when they did the research.