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Here's Where to Watch Spike Lee's Essential Films for Filmmakers Online

Photo of Bryce J. Renninger By Bryce J. Renninger | Indiewire August 2, 2013 at 11:06AM

Here's a list of Spike Lee's best films for aspiring filmmakers that are currently available to stream for free or with a subscription.
Spike Lee

Last week, Spike Lee shook up his sputtering Kickstarter campaign by uploading a handout he gives to all of his NYU students on the first day of class.  The list is the essential films that aspiring filmmakers must see.  Just by looking at the comments on our article announcing the list, Lee's picks are of great interest to people.  But what if you haven't seen some of the films?  Luckily, many of them are available online.  

Here's a list of Spike Lee's best films for aspiring filmmakers that are currently available to stream for free or with a subscription:



"Bad Lieutenant," Abel Ferara (1992)


"Bad Lieutenant," Abel Ferara (1992)


"The Train," John Frankenheimer (1964) 


Hulu Plus:

"Rashomon," Akira Kurosawa (1950)
"Yojimbo," "Akira Kurosawa (1961)
"La Strada," Federico Fellini (1954)
"400 Blows," Francois Truffaut (1959)
"Battle of Algiers," Gillo Pontecorvo (1966)
"Breathless," Jean-Luc Godard (1960)
"Stranger than Paradise," Jim Jarmusch (1984)
"Black Orpheus," Marcel Camus (1959)
"Hoop Dreams," Steve James (1984)

Amazon Instant:

"North by Northwest," Alfred Hitchcock (1959)
"The Bridge on the River Kwai," David Lean (1954)
"On the Waterfront," Elia Kazan (1954)
"Midnight Cowboy," John Schlesinger (1969)
"Marathon Man," John Schlesinger (1969)
"Casablanca," Michael Curtiz (1942)
"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," Milos Forman (1975)
"Chinatown," Roman Polanski (1974)
"Dr. Strangelove," Stanley Kubrick (1964)
"Days of Heaven," Terrence Malick (1978)

Redbox Instant:

"Bonnie and Clyde," Arthur Penn (1967)
"Lawrence of Arabia," David Lean (1962)
"Midnight Cowboy," John Schlesinger (1969)
"Cool Hand Luke," Stuart Rosenberg (1967)
"Singin' in the Rain," Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly (1952)

Xfinity Steam Pix:

"Lawrence of Arabia," David Lean (1962)
"The Maltese Falcon," John Huston (1941)
"Dog Day Afternoon," Sidney Lumet (1975)
"An American in Paris," Vincente Minnelli (1951)


"8 1/2," Federico Fellini (1963)
"Midnight Cowboy," John Schlesinger (1969)
"Chinatown," Roman Polanski (1974)
"Hoop Dreams," Steve James (1984)
"Days of Heaven," Terrence Malick (1978)
"The Bicycle Thief," Vittorio De Sica (1948) 

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