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by Nigel M Smith
January 8, 2013 11:57 AM
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Why 'Compliance' and 'Samsara' Top Indiewire's 5 DVD/Blu-ray Picks This Week

#4. "Enlightened: The Complete First Season"

Laura Dern gives her most impassioned performance to date (and that's saying a lot) in HBO's new series "Enlightened," written by "School of Rock" scribe Mike White. The show centers on Amy (Dern), a self-destructuve health and beauty executive who returns to work three months after a very public meltdown. Rejuvenated after a stint at a treatment center in Hawaii, Amy begins to pick up the pieces of her old life and work on herself, all while dealing with an overbearing mother (Diane Ladd) and a slacker ex-husband (Luke Wilson).

Extras: Every episode on the two-disc set includes a short "Inside the Episode" promo featuring White. Also included are a number of audio commentaries spread out over the first season.

#5. "Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best"

"The Dry Land" star Ryan O'Nan makes his directoral debut with this winning indie comedy (which he also penned) about a recently dumped sad sack (O'Nan), who embarks on an imromptu road trip with his eccentric new bandmate (Michael Weston). Bringing new meaning to the term "lo-fi," the two forge a unique sound by using children's instruments to back their sweet vocals.

Extras: New interviews with O'Nan and Weston; an outtakes reel; two short films by O'Nan and Weston; the original theatrical trailer; and a live performance and Q&A (hosted by this writer!) at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, NY.

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  • Daria | January 10, 2013 12:36 AMReply

    Great reviews Nigel! I am going to focus on the movie that is affecting me the most: Compliance. It’s unbelievable that this prank was repeated 70 times without a hitch. I don’t want to imagine innocently going to work one day and ending up a victim of a horrific prank, because I wouldn’t comply. This seems like an intriguing film based upon the realization that humans are capable of utilizing the darkest parts of our minds. Although it seems we try to use religion and other means to convince ourselves to think otherwise. Since, I’m a psychology major my friends who also work with me at my job at DISH have urged me to see Compliance. So, I’m going to use my DISH Blockbuster @Home to instantly stream this disturbing thriller right to my living room TV. I’ve become an expert at recreating the movie theater experience, complete with buttered corn and my faithful recliner.