"Bird of Paradise"
Kino Classics "Bird of Paradise"
#3. "Bird of Paradise: Kino Classics Edition"

The 1932 black-and-white exotic romance "Bird of Paradise," gets a second life with a gorgeous restoration for DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of Kino Classics. The Golden Age classic, directed by King Vidor ("Duel in the Sun") and featuring a score by legendary composer Max Steiner ("King Kong," "Gone With the Wind."), centers on Johnny (Joel McCrea), an adventuous young sailor who falls in love with the daughter of an island chief following an accident at sea that leaves him stranded. Their bond is tested when Johnny's young love is put up for sacrifice by a neighboring island to appease the gods.

#4. "Cirkus Columbia"

From Academy Award winner Danis Tanovic ("No Man's Land") comes this touching festival favorite about war and its consequences. Set in 1991, when the communists have fallen from power in Bosnia, "Cirkus Columbia" centers on Divko Buntic, a man who returns to his hometown after a 20-year exile in Germany, to rekindle his relationship to a son he's never met.

Extras: The film's theatrical trailer, along with trailers of other Strand Releasing titles.

#5. "W.E."

The critics were right for the most part; Madonna's misguided "W.E." is a misfire for the Material Girl. But it's also an admirably ambitious one, and one's that undeniably looks great (there's a reason the film was nominated for Best Costume Design at this year's Academy Awards). In the romance, Andrea Riseborough gives a commanding turn as Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee for whom King Edward VIII (James D'Arcy) gave up the throne. Abbie Cornish also makes a strong impression as Wally Winthrop, an unhappily married New Yorker who finds solace in the famous affair between the two, sixty years after the fact. For curiosity's sake alone, we advise you to give "W.E." a go.

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Extras: Included is a featurette on the making of "W.E."