IFC Midnight Buys North American Rights to SXSW Title "Kill List"
IFC Films Ben Wheatley's "Kill List"

"Kill List," the sophomore effort of British director Ben Wheatley ("Down Terrace"), has been unsettling audiences since first premiering at last year's SXSW Film Festival. The nerve-racking thriller, voted the best horror film of 2011 by Bloody Disgusting, hits VOD January 4th via IFC Films. It's our VOD pick of the week.

What It's About: "Kill List" follows Jay (Neil Maskell), an ex-soldier turned contract killer who is pressured into a new assignment by his old partner following a disastrous hit job in Kiev. As they set out on their latest series of hits, it soon becomes clear that Jay isn't mentally fit for the job despite being handy with a gun (and other killing instruments). It all builds to a horrifying climax sure to leave you talking for days.

What Indiewire Had to Say: "The narrative works so well on that level that it's practically a letdown when Wheatley abruptly shifts gears in the final scenes, heading in a bizarre, inexplicably cryptic direction that turns "Kill List" into a certifiable horror movie," Eric Kohn wrote in his review. "Regardless of whether this transition works, it's effective in its ability to track the dissolution of one man's dissolution."

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