#3. "We the Party"

Filmmaker/actor Mario Van Peebles ("Baadasssss!") takes a revealing look at contemporary youth culture, showing how teenagers really are behind closed doors with his comedy "We the Party." Set amidst the latest trends in music, dance and fashion, "We the Party" centers on five friends as they come of age.

Go HERE for a First Person, exclusive to Indiewire, in which Peebeles shares a scene from his comedy and opens up about the making of the film.

Extras: Feature-length commentary by director Mario Van Peebles, and stars Mandela and Makaylo Van Peebles; four music videos from the film; and the theatrical trailer.


#4. "Hatfields and McCoys"

America's most famous feud gets the mini-series treatment from the History Channel in an event produced by and starring Kevin Costner as "Devil Anse" Hatfield (he also worked on the soundtrack with his band Modern West). Bill Paxton plays Randall McCoy, who leads his family in an escalating battle with the Hatfield clan after returning home to the West Virginia/Kentucky border after the Civil War.

Extras: "The Making of Hatfields & McCoys" featurette, and the "I Know These Hills" music video featuring Kevin Costner and Modern West.

#5. "ATM"

This horror film from first-time filmmaker David Brooks, has a premise that begs you to give it a shot. The film revolves around three co-workers who stop by an ATM booth after their company's Christmas party, only to find themselves locked inside and fighting for survival after a stranger donning a scary-looking parka (!) starts to terrorize them. Yep, you heard that right. If that synopsis doesn't sell you, then the stellar cast -- headlined by Alice Eve ("She's Out of My League"), Josh Peck ("The Wackness") and Brian Geraghty ("The Hurt Locker") -- should.

Extras: An eight-minute making of featurette, and the film's trailer.