Kino Lorber "Littlerock"

This week on Blu-ray/DVD: An award-winning breakout from the 2010 festival circuit; a revealing portrait of the iconic Charlotte Rampling; one of the most controversial films to play at last year's Cannes Film Festival; the biopic that won Meryl Streep her third Oscar; and the latest from Werner Herzog.

#1. Critic's Pick: "Littlerock"

Mike Ott's sophomore feature "Littlerock" (he made his debut with "Analog Days") was a hit on the 2010 film festival circuit, culminating in wins at the Gothams and Independent Spirt Awards.

The quietly engaging, bittersweet film follows two Japanese youth (Rintaro Sawamoto and co-screenwriter Atsuko Okatsuka) stuck in a dead-end California town, coping with insurmountable language barriers.

"Romance happens. Hearts get broken," Eric Kohn wrote in his review. "With a light, endearing touch, Ott navigates between the perspectives of the Japanese characters and their new American friends with an attentiveness to the universality of youth alienation."

Go HERE for Indiewire's profile of Ott.

Extras: Audio commentary with Ott and stars Cory Zacharia and Okatsuka; some deleted scenes; the official trailer; a picture gallery; screen tests; and festival promos.


# 2. "Sleeping Beauty" (DVD)

Australian novelist Julia Leigh's feature directorial debut "Sleeping Beauty" didn't win over all the critics in Cannes in its world premiere, but the premise and Leigh's cold and calculated execution sure got people talking. The psychosexual drama stars Emily Browning ("Sucker Punch") as Lucy, a college student who takes up job at a high-end prostitution operation where she is paid to take drugs that render her unconscious while her clients do whatever they want with her (except penetration).

"The tragedy that takes place in the final minutes is unfortunately undercut by her persistently cerebral approach," Kohn wrote in his review out of Cannes. "Still, there's nothing fairylike about this haunting tale, which maintains a dreamlike feel even when its adventurous protagonist wakes up."

Go HERE for Indiewire's profile of Browning.

Extras: Just the trailer, sadly.