Magnolia Pictures "Marley"

This week on DVD/Blu-ray: A SXSW spotlight on a musical legend; the Blu-ray debut of a 1996 lesbian crime caper from the directors of "Cloud Atlas"; an oddball Sundance comedy; an indie that chronicles U2's rise to greatness via the agony of two aspiring rockers; and a sexy period romp starring "Cosmopolis" star Robert Pattinson.

#1. "Marley"

This SXSW biopic, which came out this year on 4/20, focuses its attention on one of the more influential musicmakers of our time: Bob Marley. With the help of his family, Marley's life, musical career and importance are all charted in this two-and-a-half documentary, directed by "The Last King of Scotland's" Kevin Macdonald. Featuring rare footage, incredible performances and interviews with those that knew him best, "Marley" is the definitive documentary on the king of reggae.

Extras: The disc features additional interviews as well as audio commentary from Macdonald and Ziggy Marley. Also included is the featurette "Around the World," which features people from around the world saying what Marley's music meant to them.

#2. "Bound"

This must-see thriller from Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski (who are gearing up to unveil their film, "Cloud Atlas" at this year's Toronto International Film Festiva) debuts on Blu-ray today, bringing back a lesbian crime caper that first premiered back in 1996. "Bound" follows an ex-con and her lover, Violet, who steal millions and then place the blame on Violet's boyfriend. The film features Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, and former "SVU" star turned "True Blood" vamp Christopher Meloni.

Extras: Both the unrated and the R rated edition of the film are included on this disc.