#4. "Headhunters"

Hollywood could learn a thing or two from "Headhunters," a Norweigan thriller puts the majority of its American counterparts to shame with top knotch storytelling that thrills while not leaving your brain out to dry. Askel Hennie stars as Roger Brown, an accomplished headhunter who leads as double-life as an art thief to pay for his lavish lifestyle. When his wife introduces him to a former mercenary (played by "Game of Thrones" hunk Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Brown learns that said man is in possession of a valuable painting by Rubens. Intent to get rid of all his financial problems for good, Brown sets out to steal the art piece, but things get complicated when he learns the ex-mercenary has some tricks of his own up his sleeve.

Extras: A making-of featurette.

#5. "Darling Companion"

Actor Kevin Kline has had a long career in Hollywood, but some of his greatest collaborations have been with director/writer Lawrence Kasdan. Together, the two have worked on six films including "The Big Chill," "Silverado," "I Love You to Death," "Grand Canyon," "French Kiss" and their latest effort, "Darling Companion." The film marks Kasdan's first independent feature, but is just the latest in a line of many charting back to "The Ice Storm" for Kline. In the comedy, Kline plays a self-absorbed surgeon whose wife (Diane Keaton) rescues a dog from the side of the road. When he loses said animal, a shaggy-dog search adventure plays out, drawing together friends and family. Richard Jenkins, Dianne Weist, Elizabeth Moss, Mark Duplass and Sam Shepard round out the stellar ensemble.

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Extras: Audio commentary with Kasdan, Meg Kasdan and Kevin Kline, and four making-of featurettes ("Darling Companion: Behind the Scenes," "Finding Freeway: Dog People," "On the Carpet: New York Premiere" and "Behind the Scenes: Lawrence Kasdan").